Best Practice


NSFR: Setting up a solid foundation to meet liquidity requirements

2nd November 2016

Company: AxiomSL
AxiomSL's global liquidity team shed like on the specific treatments under the BIS NSFR standards, the challenges posed across multiple spectrums & the opportunities presented to firms as a result. read more

Entity Data Management: Complex Client Structures & Fragmented System Landscapes

13th October 2016

Overcoming the entity data challenges presented by complex client structures and fragmented systems landscapes. This paper discusses data management challenges faced by institutions, and the rationale used to justify tactical approaches. The paper proposes practical approaches to ensure that wider organisational opportunities are addressed during... read more

How to build an accurate cash forecast

26th September 2016

Company: ION Treasury
It is often a struggle for many treasurers to put together cash positions and funding options due to operational inefficiencies. To help treasurers get started on the path to success, learn how to build an accurate cash forecast and what tools are available to help in this endeavor. read more

Should we fear Pensions ISAs?

26th September 2016

Company: GBST
Talk of Pensions ISAs has returned recently. Robert de Dominicis asks would moving away from the current pension system of tax relief on contributions, a lifetime limit on gains and taxing withdrawals to a system where contributions are taxed but gains and withdrawals are tax free really be such a bad thing? Or could it lead to a fairer, simpler,... read more

The FRTB: Do not underestimate the standardised approach

1st September 2016

Company: AxiomSL
There is currently a lot of discussion in the industry about the internal model-based approach to the FRTB; however, it is important that banks do not underestimate the challenges of implementing the FRTB standardised method, particularly as it will impact all institutions including those that adopt the internal approach. Among the significant... read more

The evolving buy side operating model

26th August 2016

When 60 to 70% of the individuals working in large funds are not directly generating alpha or raising capital, they may need to ask themselves whether it is time to change their operating models. As buy side firms assess their operating model, what are the key questions they should ask to determine what is differentiating for them and what would be... read more

Meeting the challenges of global Trade and Transaction Reporting

15th August 2016

Company: AxiomSL
The global burden of trade and transaction reporting is set to significantly increase in coming years, with the UK alone spending £17 million on in-house reporting solutions for EMIR and MiFID and the US spending a staggering 73 million paperwork hours on Dodd-Frank. Banks need a single transaction reporting solution that addresses the manifold... read more

Making the switch from Excel to a Treasury System

12th August 2016

Company: ION Treasury
When is the right time to switch from spreadsheets to a treasury system? How soon can companies see the pay-off? For mid-sized companies, it is sooner than they think. read more

Transform Your Treasury In Ways You Never Thought Possible

12th August 2016

Company: ION Treasury
​As a corporate treasurer, you want to deliver intelligence that can make an impact on the CFO and the board. As a strategic partner, you want to help drive business performance. To serve all of your roles, you need technology that will enable you to lead your global organization in ways you never thought possible. read more

5 Steps to Build an In-House Bank

12th August 2016

Company: ION Treasury
​​​​​Treasurers in multinational organizations face high complexity. As their teams operate across many countries, currencies, systems and regulatory regimes, it is difficult to keep an overview on enterprise-wide cash flows and risk positions. Large volumes in cross-border transactions expose their companies to currency volatility, which... read more