Best Practice

Payments and Cash Lifecycle Management brochure

2nd January 2018

Operating in a global market can present significant opportunities for businesses. Maintaining a fragmented payments infrastructure carries heavy overheads resulting in increased operating costs, technical complexity and duplication of processes. Access this brochure and learn how Bottomline's solution incorporates: • Global multi-bank... read more

Top Tips for the Disenchanted Treasurer ebook

2nd January 2018

Reducing risk, effective liquidity management, forecasting and meeting regulatory demands – these are just a few of the challenges you may be negotiating today. Top Tips for the Disenchanted Treasurer provides you with smart guidance to help you navigate your way. Download this short ebook and learn: • When a TMS is not enough • Top tips... read more

Executive brief: 5 Burning Challenges Faced by Treasury Today

2nd January 2018

Globalisation, legacy systems, multiple banking relationships and numerous payment types make managing and reporting on cash positions really tough. So what are the challenges you’re likely to face in pursuit of payments and cash management utopia? Read the 5 Burning Challenges Faced by Treasury Today and learn: • 5 critical issues treasury... read more

Comarch tPro ECC

1st December 2017

Company: Comarch Finance
Comarch tPro ECC - Protect your customers from remote attacks and save on operating costs Need a cost-effective solution for digital signature? Here it is: Comarch tPro ECC, an innovative USB token designed to provide corporate and private banking customers with the highest security level. read more

Comarch Identity and Access Management

1st December 2017

Company: Comarch Finance
Comarch Identity and Access Management - Secure your business data and infrastructure while staying GDPR-compliant Comarch Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a solution that allows full control over the access to company’s applications, VPNs and workstations. It comes with world-class methods for identity lifecycle, authentication,... read more

On-Demand Webinar: What Do Millennials Really Think About Mobile Banking?

30th November 2017

Company: Jumio Inc
View our webinar now to find out the results of our "Millennials in Banking" survey and uncover the answers to your most pressing questions: • How do millennials interact with banks in mobile? • Are millennials satisfied with their mobile banking experience? • What are their greatest concerns about mobile financial services? • How do... read more

Guide to ATM Testing Best Practices

2nd November 2017

The Automated Teller Machine has existed for over 50 years. Whilst it still looks pretty much the same, things have changed significantly on the inside: OS, multi-vendor environments as well as the networks that hide behind the ATM. Companies are forced to update test strategies if they want an efficient ATM estate. Understanding the complexities... read more

Infographic: The Promise Of Transformation

23rd October 2017

How Asset Management Firms are managing increasing complexity and regulation. In today's uncertain regulatory and market environment, business transformation is an imperative. Rising regulatory, vendor and data risk - along with cost and return pressures - mean you need more than "business as usual". By adopting flexible and nimble operational... read more

eBook: The Road Ahead for Asset Management - The Experts Weigh In

23rd October 2017

While nobody knows the future, insight into trends can help firms understand the constantly transforming asset management world and help them find solutions that can prepare them for growth amidst the changes. “The Road Ahead for Asset Management: The Experts Weigh In,” offers a detailed look at upcoming industry changes. Read it to learn more... read more

Q&A: Ready to Choose a Transformation Partner?

23rd October 2017

Before you trust your mid- and back-office operations—including finance and accounting—to an outside provider, you must know who you’re dealing with and what to expect. See how your potential partner measures up by asking the right questions (and listening for the right answers). This Q&A, “Ready to Choose a Transformation Partner?” can... read more