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5 Considerations to Build a Future-Ready Business Model for Asset Managers

4th May 2017

Operations executives at asset management firms increasingly realize the necessity to outsource back- and middle-office investment operations, helping them control cost, manage risk and accelerate growth. Such an operating model can handle routine, non-differentiating activities so you can focus on strategic business-building priorities. This... read more

NAV Reconciliation: Moving Beyond Excel

20th April 2017

The vast majority of investment managers will reconcile their net asset value in 2016 using Excel. This is because vendors have struggled to deliver a robust NAV reconciliation solution that is as configurable as matching, but as intuitive as an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s the functionality investment managers need in a commercial package before... read more

RegTech: When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

10th April 2017

Company: BearingPoint
Anne Leslie-Bini, Associate Director BearingPoint France, talks about RegTech trends, challenges and new ways of approaching the topic of regulation. read more

Path Solutions - iSHRAQ suite

7th April 2017

Company: Path Solutions
iSHRAQ suite is an advanced investment and financing management model for investment companies or investment department in any organization. iSHRAQ suite provides financial and investment solutions to clients specializing in investments, to bring the best of Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Real Estate Investments, and... read more

Blockchains for Efficient Commodity Management

6th April 2017

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform commodities value chains, providing seamless, automated tracking, planning, and execution of commodity trades regardless of how many different participants are in the chain. read more

Path Bulletin - Issue 35

4th April 2017

Company: Path Solutions
Welcome to our 35th edition of our quarterly newsletter! We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and find it interesting and informative. Your comments and feedback are most welcome. read more

Do you warehouse data in spreadsheets?

27th March 2017

Company: Quintessence
Excel® is a powerful tool for algorithmically manipulating and presenting your data. But is it the correct tool for warehousing your data? read more

The spaghetti knot: Is your investment and research process in a muddle?

15th March 2017

Company: Quintessence
Early in my career I uncovered a problem that is pervasive throughout the implementation of investment and research processes, leading to huge amounts of wasted time, inaccurate data and business risk. read more

Looking for a transaction-based reporting solution?

3rd February 2017

Company: BearingPoint
ABACUS/Transactions is a module-based standard software solution that helps financial institutions meet the increasing demand for even more granular intra-day transaction-by-transaction reporting. The product covers reporting under EMIR /EMIR II as well as the ECB money market statistical reporting (MMSR). Additional modules for the MiFID II/MiFIR... read more

Providing Alternatives for Fund Infrastructures

21st December 2016

One of the greatest challenges facing fund managers has been managing ever growing operational burdens accompanied by escalating costs, more stringent regulatory requirements and complex data management. This is why hedge funds are expected to increase their technology spending; 39% of funds expect to spend over $1m per year in the next five years... read more